I am a visitor here; I am not permanent.

Heyyy! My name is Sky.
I am 22 and live in Oklahoma. I just graduated a year early from a small liberal arts university with a degree in psychology. I like John Green, doodling, concerts, Harry Potter, Garden State (the movie), learning, adventures, Tegan and Sara, weed, quotes, music, reading, vinyl records, Youtube vlogs, movies, and traveling

I'm a hippdie at heart, so please don't feel scared to talk to me!


Colorful Stairs, Tehran, Iran

"Who are the flowers for?""Myself.""What’s your favorite thing about yourself?""I guess I always try to be honest.""What’s a time you weren’t as honest as you’d have liked?""It took me too long to come out of the closet.""Why’s that?""I guess I just didn’t know for sure.""And when did you settle on it?""Honestly, when society’s expectation is that you’re straight, I think you constantly have to settle on it."

glowing galaxy necklace


I bruised some male egos tonight. I was powerful.